Meet The Team Behind 041online

IN celebration of our 20th edition, we let you in on who and what 041online is.

041online is a  community-based digital magazine for Nelson Mandela Bay. We aim to be a brag book of sorts showcasing everything the Bay has to offer from iconic places to visit, not to miss events, inspirational people and everything in between.

Our diverse team consists of a managing editor, two executive team members and various contributors who all have a passion for Nelson Mandela Bay and surrounding areas.


Eleanor Douglas-Meyers is a journalist with 18 years of experience in print, digital and broadcast media. She has worked for local and international publications with a focus on feature writing and editing. Her work can be seen in various newspapers, magazines, and websites, but she also works behind the scenes on brand and public relations projects through her company Kismet Media.  Eleanor is also an indie author, a seasoned blogger, and an event planner with a passion for local tourism and charity.  (Instagram and Facebook)


Expert and personal stories of mental health and wellness

Nicole Mohamed (Marketing Head) is a Media and Communications graduate who has worked in the marketing field for 5 years. She is a mom of three humans, four furbabies, and wife to an overgrown kid who is also, low-key, a grumpy old man. Being diagnosed with ADHD, she has a variety of interests and does extensive research into so many different topics, with really big words, that she’ll forget a month later but will recall in an instant in conversation (it’s a superpower really).


What not to miss on the big and small screen. 

Faziela Harris-Davids (Administrative Head) is an amateur artist, book enthusiast, and lover of all things anime with great respect to the works of Hayao Miyazaki. For the past 3 years, she has been harnessing her creativity through her art, becoming an indie author while growing her small business which focuses on inclusive education. Her passion for research makes her a jack of all trades while her Facilities Management degree helps her keep 041’s administrative side running smoothly.  (Instagram TikTok )



Book reviews and book news.

Lauren Hewitt is a freelance writer and aspiring author. The avid reader is also a homeschooling and homesteading mom and blogger who collaborates with publishing houses and independent authors ad shares her views on books and promotes authors on her blog and social media pages (Instagram Blog TikTok)


Answering Nelson Mandela Bay’s Health and Fitness Questions.

Nadine Lahana is a certified nutrition and wellness specialist, personal trainer, health writer for various publications, and Fitness Content Creator. She believes in teaching the basics of nutrition and empowering others to make better choices.  ( Instagram TikTok and Facebook)


Holistic and product reviews and tips.

Veronica Charles, owner of the holistic beauty brand Green Fairy has studied Somatology, Therapeutic Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Reflexology, and Holistic therapies. She owned a private holistic practice for 6 years and has always believed in sustainable lifestyle choices. ( Facebook and Instagram)


Parenting advice, tips and views.

Luchae Williams is a multi-award-winning parenting blogger and mom of 5. Her Blog My Spreadsheet Brain focuses on parenting, marriage, and faith with a healthy dose of Humour. (Instagram Facebook TikTok)


Wine news and expert knowledge.

Lelethu Zondani is a 27-year-old wine enthusiast who turned her passion for wine into a business of reviewing wine estates and vintages and hosting wine-tasting events. She has been honoured in the Wine Industry’s 30 under 30.  (Instagram YouTube)


Baby-related news, tips, reviews and interviews for NMB moms.

Odette Parfitt is a former journalist and current communications professional (which really just means she makes a living off stringing sentences together). She is a perpetual survivor of writer’s block and a newly-minted boy mom, keen to share any knowledge she has on parenthood and babies pretty much right after gaining that knowledge. At the moment, her hobbies include power naps and drinking cold coffee – but she’s hoping to expand her interests soon.


Tips and news for business-minded people.

Gerald Pietersen‘s background is in training, HR and manufacturing with a strong foundation in the automotive sector. He is passionate about training and development. He owns a training consultancy offering training and development services to clients to help them grow and develop their human capital. He is also involved in content development for training, public speaking and travel. (LinkedIn)


A tongue-in-cheek look at what makes NMB tick

Mvume Ndimba is a podcaster and writer, who describes himself as a “Young professional, new father and lifelong conspiracy theorist, who’s seen everything the city has to offer and eagerly seeks out more” His podcast (Before You Go) is a window into the things he finds interesting and with his column, he aims to take an “out of the ordinary approach to ordinary things”. He says: “You might not always agree with me, but ask yourself… did I lie?”


Latest technology trends, useful technology platforms applications, news and trends.

Jénine Wyngaard is an IT Security Analyst with 15 years of experience in the IT service industry. While her chosen path in life has taken her deep into the digital world she still enjoys the smell and feel of a real book. And while she ticks all the boxes for a modern technology geek, she is also a fierce animal lover who wouldn’t mind a relaxing stroll through nature.



Beauty tips and news from the Bay

Local content creator, Lwando Joko Sipeliti is a mom of three, an educator and a published poet with a penchant for skincare and beauty. Her journey with hyperpigmentation post-pregnancy has led her to a passion for skincare while the creativity of crafting makeup looks for diverse events has led to a love for the art form. The outgoing extrovert delights in socialising and exploring the vibrant essence of Nelson Mandela Bay. (Instagram YouTube TikTok)


Recipes and reviews

Robin Meyers is a detective and amateur cook who started experimenting in the kitchen while enlisted in the army because he was not always keen on what was being served. With his wife and son, both have dietary restrictions he has elevated his cooking style and shared his recipes and reviews on their family blog. (Blog Instagram)


Budget-friendly tips and tricks

Nakita De Souza-Plaatjies is a dog-mom and wife who is frugal at heart and shares all kinds of tips and tricks on her social media. She is known for her bubbly personality and her catchphrase “Sprinkle Kindness” (Instagram)


Reviews from kids living in NMB

Aidan Jesse,11, heads up the 041Junior section – which will also feature the opinions of other NMB based kids. Aidan has been reviewing brands/experience/and more for his family blog since he was a toddler and has built quite a following and a reputation for his quick witt and creativity. The Grade 5 learner and life long vegetarian, is passionate about video animation, coding, piano, chess and cats. (Instagram)

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